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I know you guys were already talking about the helljumpers, but have you ever had a really good look at thee Marines in Halo 1?

That armour rocked! it was like rusty plates of metal riveted to t-shirts and jeans!

Honestly, I'd love to work on doing a few of those one day.
Yeah, I'm working on the ODST stuff right now. Did you see some of the "misc armor" we have in the gallery? there are some ragtag marines in there.
o prefer the Halo 2 marine armor, but the Halo 1 is cool too. the pistol in the first pic looks so realistic, too. cant wait to see what Halo 3 marines look like.
I gotta' say.. that marine looks pretty cool.. That helmet especially. It's perfect.

I was thinkin' instead of black, dont some of them wear grey? I recall the Halo 1 PC demo had at least Sgt. Johnson wearing grey.
looks like he carved it out of wood. That shouldn't be too hard of a thing to make really.
We carve-out flat wooden blanks for the SMG's to go with our suits.. that way we don't freak out the cops, but still look good.
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