Other Permutations Of Reach Found In Beta


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Well, the first set could have been prototypes for the ones found in Halo 3.

And what do you mean no visible changes on the CQB? Just look at the tear drop looking thingys on top of the helmet. They were round in Halo 3.



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Wow! That is a wicked warthog. Can we be sure that it will really be in the final cut of the game??

Boba Fett

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ACDCrockr209 said:
You callin' me honey, trooper?

I don't like to be called that. It Brings back awful memories.


I think he was talking to me... doh!
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Woopsie yep, he did sorry about that the OP was a bit rushed like 20 seconds it took I guess I pressed the submit button faster than I could type credit where credit was due.