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Our New Logo!

Discussion in 'Southwest Regiment' started by Termhn, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Termhn


    Hello everyone, I thought I would make a new thread for this. So as you may or may not have seen, there have been new logos created for every regiment. The 405th has hired a design team to take this project on in order to make sure all the logos are up to snuff as well as carry a unified look so that they are easily recognizable as part of the 405th. They have also attempted to use the ideas that people had discussed/featured in the crowd-sourced logo threads for each respective regiment. The first versions were revealed to myself and the other regiment leaders about a week ago and we gave feedback before the final versions were made and now revealed to everyone. That said, the attached image is a mock-up and the final vector files and style guides are still in the process of being made. Once they are, stickers, flags, and other merch will be made with these new logos.

    Southwest MASTER_FINALS_061515 OUT.png

    I hope you all like it and if anyone has concerns I will try to relay those to the people in charge as well as I can, but keep in mind that making everyone happy is very rarely a reality and the final say comes down to the design team and what they think works best.

    Thanks guys!
    Gray (Termhn)
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  2. Crimmson


    I dont like it. It looks like it represents new mexico and arizona more than any thing else. Unfortunately i have no ideas to offer. Do we have to use it if we dont want to?


    In my personal opinion, the new logo is okay, I would much rather prefer the fist that represents progress, cause what we are all doing as members of the 405th is progress.
  4. MyrHerder


    To Crimson's point, I don't even see how it reps AZ either. It mostly reps the native American culture, which is not the Southwest culture. And Crimson, we can always use the Division-level emblem (blue hexes and olive branch), we just can't use any of the emblems from our internal emblem discussion.
    If a large enough percentage of the group dislikes it, and we can present the leadership with an alternative that the majority of us agree on, I think they could be convinced to change it out. In order to do that, I suggest people visit the emblem creation thread and finish the two ideas started there; once complete, we can present them for consideration.

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  5. Crimmson


    thank you. I wasnt even aware of the thread.
  6. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    No. We wouldn't dream of trying to force you to put a design on your armor if you don't want to. While this logo DOES represent your Regiment, you don't have to wear it / use it on a personal level. That is your call to make.
  7. SavvyTank


    You can see how they got their inspiration for the logo. Just search "what is the southwest known for" and the only thing that comes up is desert and Native Americans. But then again it also shows that the southwest is New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah. The only part of Texas that is "southwest" is west Texas. I guess that is why I don't see this as something that represents my area. The only Native Americans that lived here in the swamps were cannibals. I will say this was a bold move for the people you paid since I have seen a move to be politically correct and remove and rename things schools and baseball teams with Native American themed names and logos since some find them resist. Well I guess ill just have to see how this plays out with the public image of the 405th.
  8. Termhn


    I think that's taking it a bit far. There's a large difference between taking native american style influences like an arrowhead (which has had a large influence on the southwest, if not being something that affects everyday life nowadays) and having a blatant, red-skinned "indian" as your logo.

    Of course the logo doesn't incorporate things equally from every different place in the southwest, if it did it would be an eclectic mess of symbols that don't fit together; it has to draw on the general image of the region. When people think of the southwest, heat, the desert, and native americans are probably some of the first things that come to mind, and having those represent us is fitting in my opinion.
  9. WandererTJ


    First off, love the design!
    The arrowhead background is interesting, I feel like we could have something better in the background, but the Thunderbird's design is great and I really enjoy how the 405th hexagons meet up with the logo at the bottom.
    If anything, we could trade the blue for more of an orange to give it more of the Southwestern feel. I believe we might be able to do this on our own suits given permission, regardless of what the colors of the Logo are... or maybe we're only allowed to use a single color, I'm not sure what the rules are with regiment logos.
    Your thoughts, Art Andrews?

    For those of you who weren't following the previous thread:
    The Southwest division of the National Guard uses a Thunderbird for their logo; Native American or not, I thought it was a great idea which is why I suggested it in the first place. As a bonus, our Thunderbird looks WAY better than the one the National Guard has for their logo.
    The thread is located here: http://www.405th.com/showthread.php?t=44102
    This is the first post in the thread where I brought the idea up: http://www.405th.com/showthread.php?t=44102&p=724979&viewfull=1#post724979

    I'd also like to say that I'm glad that the artist that created the new logo didn't end up accidentally use eagle designs in place of Thunderbird designs, I'm glad they were thoughtful enough to pay attention to the differences.

    I did try to include weather (lightning) in my concept of the logo, which I kind've wish had remained, as it symbolizes the hazardous weather I think we can all agree that happens in the Southwest.
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  10. MyrHerder


    Per the Division emblem rules, you can use any color on a single-color version of the emblem. I think in this case, the adobe and turquoise would both be the color of your choice, and white would be the background (clear/armor).

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  11. SavvyTank


    I understand how you can feel that way. When I showed the new logo to my wife she had the same thought I did. In my job I have to be extra careful to not do anything that can be construed as racist. I might have jumped the gun here. I never said I don't like. I was conserned for the image of the 405th.

    I know Art probably feels like he has been hurding cats when it comes to making the changes he feels is right with his investment. At this point I will set my concerns aside and see how the new logo is interpreted by the public. They are the ones that judge it without knowing the intentions behind it. It will be quite some time before I get to represent the 405th as life keeps making new priorities for me over finishing my spartan armor.

    For now my concerns have been voiced. You can do what you want with them.
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  12. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    We live in a VERY politically-charged and socially hyper-sensitive world and unfortunately, some, like yourself have to deal with it more than others.

    I can absolutely see where your concern is coming from and can see how some might try to take issue with the logo. While we want to be sensitive to discrimination and do not on any level want to present anything that IS racist, we are not willing to be dictated to by the lowest common denominator (social justice warriors who are offended by EVERYTHING and can find victimization in EVERYTHING). There is nothing inherently racist about the SouthWest logo and MANY people associate the Southwest with the culture of the Native Americans who lived/live here. Using this type of imagery simply isn't racist and has long been used by military units. We feel it is a good choice, but like you said, the public's reaction will be interesting to see as well. My guess? No one will bat an eye.

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  13. Crimmson


    So... i should have made my self more clear. i dont like it is just to final and direct. Sorry.

    I do like the spear head design and the how the logo is part of the spearhead. i like the red white and blue color scheme. the thunderbird i also like it. the whole design together, i am just not 100% liking it. can we use brown, orange and yellow as substitute colors. i am probably to late, no pretty sure i am, to put in my input. it is a very solid design, the red white and blue makes a nod to Texas. Also thank you Art for getting this designed, i just hope i didnt come off as ungrateful, and i have never felt forced into anything. once again thank you. i hope to see what else you have planned for the 405th.
  14. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    You will not be able to use a different color combinations, but we will be making b/w color designs available and on a single color design, you can make the base color whatever you see fit.

  15. Crimmson


    Solid red would look pretty nice. in the design which of the colors is the base primary color? which are secondary and which are the tertiary?
  16. Art Andrews

    Art Andrews Community Owner

    Asgardianhammer will have all that info in the Regiment Identity Guidelines.

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  17. SavvyTank


    I hate to brake it to you. That's not red and blue. That's brown and teal.
  18. Crimmson


    Brown and teal, red and blue. you say mater i say mater. you say tomato i say tomato, still looks red and blue to me. just kidding my world is going to fall apart now. where are my safety scissors?
  19. MyrHerder


    If you really want to go southwest, I would say it's terra cotta and turquoise. ;)

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  20. SavvyTank


    Just wanted to see if you could see the number in the dots.

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  21. WandererTJ


    Thank god. I hate teal.
  22. Crimmson


  23. RoxyRoo


    I'm just glad they didn't choose a Kokopeli. Thunderbird is preferable, and references the eagle of the Spartans in the books. The design of it makes me think of Poncho-Chief. Though, I think a Cayote would have been awesome. Cayotes are really common down here.
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  24. MyrHerder


    Yeah, thanks for not doing that or a kachina. Whats a cayote? Any relation to a coyote? Coyotes are cool too. Like the desert version of wolves.

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  25. WandererTJ


    MyrHerder, you got me dieing of laughter over here...

    Welcome to the Southwest everyone!
    We say things funny and sometimes spell things like we say them, but somehow we still manage to call ourselves on them.

    I'm just glad to know that Roxy pronounces it as kī•ōt rather than kī•ō•tē
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