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Discussion in 'Mountain Regiment' started by SwedishNinja, Jun 16, 2015.

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    Hey hey all, I just wanted to pop on by since Gilmortar is off doing army stuffs and present to you our official Mountain Regiment logo!

    To give you some background on this and let you know that the 405th staff had a dedicated team to build every regiment's logo out to give our community a unified yet unique look. These were then presented to the COs and XOs of each regiment for any change requests, Gilmor and I gave it our blessing and here we are. There will be no further changes to the designs (not that it needs it, am I right?!) and in the coming days/week the design team will give us usage guidelines and a short paragraph on why they designed them like they did.

    I personally LOVE the logo and feel that it is a great representation to our region! So without further delay here is the official Mountain Regiment logo!!!!

    Mountain MASTER_FINALS_061515 OUT.png

    And here are the rest of the 405th's regiment logos.

    405th lockups all-01.png

    Thanks again and please let me know if you guys need anything!
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    I'm with you I like out logo, out of all the areas I think ours is the sharpest.
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    I hope we get to put it on our armor. That would be awesome!
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    As far as I know we will be allowed to put our logo on our armor, weps, flags, etc... They are currently writing the rules and regs now. As soon as I hear something I'll let you guys know.
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    I cant wait to use this :)
    YAY mountains!! lol

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