Our Warthog build (Pic Heavy)


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Well hi there guys and gals,

So this here will be our Upload Thread for the Warthog Spartan083 and me built with the help of RogueCheney132.

We started in august 2019 with the first parts. We got our hands on a per modified car, that has already been changed for trial-racing, so doors and all that useless stuff already had been taken care off ;)

20190810_121953.jpg Here we are modifying parts of the roll cage and the first part of the build up.

20190813_070047.jpg 20190813_205526.jpg 20190823_185410.jpg 20190823_183253.jpg 20190823_190404.jpg Progress on the wheelcaps

20190922_131138.jpg 20190928_161000.jpg First view of the side and wooden mockup of the hood. Most added parts are made of aluminium. and no, we dont have a big metal bending machine or a cutter. Everything got cut out by hand with a jigsaw and tin snips.

20191027_113551.jpg 20191027_113612.jpg 20191027_113621.jpg 20191027_113636.jpg Revealing the full build arround the car. Still a lot of sanding and painting to be done.

20191102_105543.jpg 20191102_105608.jpg First coat of paint. Already looking really good :love:

20191108_162504.jpg 20191117_144332.jpg Mockup of the frame for the windshield and first test of the lights :cool:

20191130_112446.jpg 20200216_120142.jpg 20200216_120202.jpg 20191130_122753.jpg 20200216_120131.jpg Some detailso_O

20191123_124707.jpg 20191123_154528.jpg Recoulering the seats for a better fit.

20200125_132119.jpg 20200125_132131.jpg 20200216_120152.jpg Preview of the gun torret :p

And now *percussions* the finished product. Took us and amazing half year to finish. It is drivable, the Gun can be demounted and we have place for a three man crew :cool::cool:
It has been one hell of a ride, and there are still some tiny things to do, but we are mostly finished. Wanted to present the hog at Austria Comic Con.. well thanks to corona we have to wait till Summer or worst case autumn.

If you have questions just ask, but we will keep a few things secret for now xD

Ichan, Spartan083 and RogueCheney132
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This is awesome! I was thinking about building up a small go kart basically but building the body to look like a ghost. Way down the line for me though. Still working on my first armor right now. This warthog is amazing. I wish I could go to Austria to see it in person!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it
Keep up the work on you armour! It could be, that we bring the warthog to different cons in the future. The first one Austria Comic-Con and the second one beeing bodensee Comic-Con.

Very important question: Will you have a speaker blasting the warthog run theme from Halo 3 as you drive in?

Well, at the time beeing now, we don't have a direct sound system.
We are thinking about adding one for gun sounds.
Halo theme music will be blasted over a small blootooth speaker I have xD


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This is absolutely beautiful! I hope that back turret is mounted good and tight if you decide to really punch it with a man on the gun lol

It's attached on the last remaining part of the original roof, and will take quite a bit off a punch before detaching xD

The only problem is, that we probably can't climb in with our Spartans. So we are currently building marines xD