Out of the Map in Beta...Almost!

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Sean Bradley

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Well, the beta has been out for friends and family for nearly 5 days, so I guess I shouldn't be very surprised that some lucky F&F invite winners decided to do some exploring.

I guess I'm just happy to see that trick jumping and glitchery are alive and well in the beta. It should make when I finally get to play all the more satisfying.

Check out the video link below... it's a Mythica download, but well worth the time, if not for just seeing some H3 shenanigans, it's very interesting for acknowledging some tactical hidey holes in the beta maps.

Tricking, Glitching, and Escaping are my 3 main reasons for wanting to play Halo 3.

I'm a middle Halo player. I don't suck, I can hold my own in a fight, but I'm no where super-duper-caliber. I'd rather spend time rocket bouncing out of Levels, Spectre riding up walls, Ghost blasting into the unknown.

Lewis and Clark got nothing on me!
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