OZCC Sydney 2021 - December 5th to 6th

Sierra 107

405th Regiment Officer
The 405th Australian Regiment will have an official presence at this weekend's Oz Comic Con Sydney event!

As we're on the eve of Halo Infinite's campaign launch, we have also teamed up with Xbox Australia to help celebrate our incoming landing upon Zeta Halo. We will have official Halo Infinite 'Become' posters available for both members and attendees who visit our 'UNSC Outpost' set/booth, as well as photography available to get good photos with you all.

If you are planning on attending, please advise us in the comments below as to;

What day(s) you are planning on attending, and
What costume(s) you will be suiting up in.

If you are in a position to assist in different roles, such as;

Watching over our booth (not a full day activity, just on occasion when members need to step out),
Speak with persons interested in joining/wanting to build,
Provide props (such as prop weapons, crates, etc), or
Help with the bump-in/bump-out on Friday DEC 3/Sunday DEC 5.

All of these roles are significant to our presence at the convention and will help take a little bit of stress off our backs. The floor-plan of the convention is also attached below to find the booth easier.

This is our first (and probably last) con of the year, and we're trying to make sure that it's a good one! So, if you are attending - let us know with the information requested above!

See you there Spartans,
Sierra I07


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Sierra 107

405th Regiment Officer
If you attended OZCC Sydney on the Sunday (05 December, specific timings not yet known) please be aware that an attendee (or attendees) with COVID may have potentially been in contact with you. NSW Health has advised that you MUST monitor for symptoms - but if you are unsure and/or feeling unwell, please get tested ASAP.
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