Pac Reg: Submit your video for the Battalion Showcase video here

Roxas s Embers

Hey guys,
We are going to be making a showcase video for each battalion in the Pacific Regiment. We would like to show off the amazing armor of every person in each battalion.

This is the concept video of what we are looking to do.

To do this we need your help. We need each member to submit videos with cool action shots in their completed Halo Costume. Doesn't matter what skill level you are. From beginners to long time builders, We want all of you. You all do such great work and deserve to have your costume displayed to everyone else. At every skill level we are all teaching and learning from each other. And so we all deserve to be shown as a part of our community.

After the submission deadline we will ask for music suggestions and then vote for which one the battalion will use in their video. The showcase videos are aimed to be released November 2016.

Submission Guidelines:
- No rude or obscene video clips
- Try to get as high quality clips as possible
- Submit 2 different video clips minimum
- Video length: Minimum - 6 Seconds Maximum - 30 seconds
- Individual shots are ideal to better highlight each persons armor
- Properly name the video file (Naming convention below)
- Submission deadline is September 30th 2016

Video Format:
-Please submit your videos in one of the following formats: AVI, .MP4, .WMV

Naming your file:
- Include 405th Username and battalion
- Put a different number at the end of each file
- Use Underscores in place of spaces


Video Drop Locations

North California:
Southern California:

The video clips from this concept video are provided by the following:
Martin Vavra:

Please check each of these youtubers out as they all have awesome videos.

Questions, concern or feedback can either be asked here or emailed to
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