Pacific 2016 Monthly Calendar

Discussion in 'Pacific Regiment' started by Spacemeat, Dec 6, 2015.

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    Hello everyone,

    If you already haven't seen it, here is the upcoming calendar for 2016 featuring memebers from the Regiment being awesome, goofy, and occasionally badass:

    00-Cover.png 01-January.png 02-Feburary.png 03-March.png 04-April.png 05-May.png 06-June.png 07-July.png 08-August.png 09-September.png 10-October.png 11-November.png 12-December.png 26-Back-Inside.png 27-InnerCover.png 28-Back-Cover.png

    We're closing up orders at the end of today we can get this sent of the the printers ASAP, so get you orderings in here:

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