Pacific Reg (Seattle, WA) - Emerald City Comic Con '23

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ECCC Website

Where (NEW!)
Seattle Convention Center Summit Building

Arch Garage - WSCC Main
Freeway Park Garage

March 2-5th


Saturday: 10:00am corner of 8th & Pike

The Yardhouse Saturday 7pm

Available here

Chat Room

Photo Drive
Shared Google Drive *make new folder with photographers name*

Didn't we just have ECCC? Yes, yes we did. Due to Covid, ECCC got off schedule. It has always been a Spring convention, so this year they are getting back on track. And who knows, maybe they'll have two every year now. lol

This ECCC is also at a new location, Seattle Convention Center Summit Building, which means we don't know of a good photoshoot spot yet. For now we are meeting in front of the old convention center, on the sidewalk, corner of 8th and Pike on Saturday at 10am. Everyone should be familiar with this area and it is only two blocks from the new convention center. We may end up walking as a group to a new location to do the photo so please arrive no later than 10:20.

8th and Pike.png

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Might need to look into a new photoshoot location in the future. With the new convention center built and being used, Freeway Park might not be the best spot anymore. I say we try it though, and revisit after the con to see what everyone thinks.
I wasn't sure if the new convention center was open yet. Thanks for letting me know. I will look into this further update if there are changes.
Thanks to Lukavago we have avoided a very confusing meetup!

This ECCC is at a new convention center and as such, we do not know a good spot to do the photo. For the photoshoot, we are meeting out front of the old convention center, corner of 8th and Pike, Saturday 10am. We may move as a group to a new location so please arrive no later than 10:20. (PHOTO IN FIRST POST)
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Update - we are still meeting corner of 8th and Pike on Saturday at 10am and moving as a group to a new location at 10:20.
But now, thanks to Vanguard Gold 's dad we have a pretty solid destination. I did some google maps research and found Plymouth Pillar's Park as a potential spot and I asked Vanguard's dad to scope it out for us to make sure it wasn't overrun with homeless or potential hazards... His recon report just came back and it looks pretty cool.


We're still meeting at 8th and Pike as it is a short walk to this park. But, if you're running behind or can't find us you can just head straight there. Location linked in text above.
We've also added a dinner meet up for Saturday. 7pm at The Yardhouse

Nowhere nearby accepts reservations during ECCC weekend, but we've had good luck here in the past. If it doesn't work out we'll head over to the Westlake Center and find some food.
Here's the google link for photo dumping.
Please create a new folder within renaming it with the photographer's name (either forum name or social media name)

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