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Pacific Regiment Shirt Order 2016!

Discussion in 'Pacific Regiment' started by Spacemeat, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Spacemeat

    Spacemeat Member

    Hello everyone, we're currently taking orders for shirts for the Pacific Regiment.

    We have two main varieties: A shirt and tank. The shirt comes in three different style choices along with the usual color choices:

    Shirt-2016-Ad.png Tank-2016-Ad.png

    We'll be taking orders until end of day Wednesday so we can meet the deadline of delivery at SDCC.

    Here is the ORDER FORM
  2. TrooperJasher


    When will the email/paypal invoices be sent out?
  3. Spacemeat

    Spacemeat Member

    I working through it right now, though I'm getting a little tired, I'll probably batch send them tomorrow morning/noonish
  4. TrooperJasher


  5. Spacemeat

    Spacemeat Member

    Reminder: Today's the last day to put in orders for 405th Shirts! Taking orders till the end of the day, this is your only chance until 2017!

    Order Form
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