Pacific Rim Pilot Suit


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Hi Everyone, So i am new to this whole Community.. i love the work you guys have posted, there is alot of great builds here.. So i am really in to the Gaming and having fun with the whole cosplay, this year my hubby and i are planing to go to Megacom this year and are going to be working on the Pacific Rim Suits, was hoping to find some form of Pep files but looks like its to new so i will be working on wigging it, hope you will all like and will be keeping it updated when i start, so its Great to meet you all :)


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Thanks ya the first one is for the actual Jaeger, i just wanna do the Pilot suit :), and the second link is only the chest, but thank you so much for replying to me, you for sure have to watch the movie it was great and again thank you for trying to help :D


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I watched the trailer, and thought "eh... looks like a crappy Godzilla rip off"
Then a few days ago I saw a clip some friends were watching and instantly changed my mind lol. Now I'm super excited to watch it!
Good luck with the build though, hope it comes out how you want.


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Hey all, new to 405th and I'm searching for the complete file set of Gypsy, does anyone know where it is possible to get a copy of them?
Hey Reclaimerx10, be sure to double check the date on a thread before making a comment. It's not good to necro-post and this thread hasn't been active in over 4 years. However, I do have the files you're looking for so I will be sending you a PM, please check your inbox.