paintball minigun

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does this look like it would work as a paintball minigun? (sorry the pic cuts off part of the barrel) so far the only thing i dont know how to do is time the barrels in accordance with the firing of the paintball gun...


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Already exists.

But for a custom, I would make it turn the barrel everytime the trigger is pressed, that would time it. But as for the strength and speed, dont ask me.

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Make an electronic interrupter gear, sort of like the kind used to keep machine guns from shooting the props off of WWI-WWII fighter planes. You could probably accomplish it using a couple extra wires and an old school distributer rotor (3 bucks at autozone)

Basically it keeps the gun from firing by breaking the circuit if the barrel is not in front of the base gun.

Google interrupter gear for some pics that should give you some idea of how to go about doing it.
put a round thing on your paintball guns trigger then on the inside of your barrells put a strip of metal to press the trigger that way when the barrel turns te painball shoots not the other way round.


red dots = mount metal rods sticing out here.

red trigger = put metal in a rounded shape so the rods deppress the trigger fireing the gun.

this way rour trigger runs your barrels and your barrels run your gun. much simpler and easier to pull off. plus timeing should be right on. :cool:



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did you try they made a minigun or something like that out of an a5, and it looks real.

but yeah, i think that is a pretty good concept, but you need something faster than an A5.

or do it the special ops way: the 2 a5 and a trigger crank on both works wonders.
won't work at higher speeds, the barrel will splatter the ball if it's spinning too fast. Say you got it cranking at 30+ bps per second, the barrel will spin FAST, and when a round enters into it, by the time it leaves the barrel, the barrel will have already slammed it.

Just a theory though. Also, someone made a custom mini-gun from scratch, and detailed the process I don't have the link but you can look into it if you want, try google searching.


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yeah, i dont really want my gun to shoot fast... 22 rds per second is good enough... :lol: i want to make it a minigun for looks mostly... i would wanna make one for rate of fire at a later time...
A few years ago I guy out west made a paintball minigun using a drive motor from a vulcan minigun that was geared way down and connected to a jam free feed system so that ball chopping was cut down to the minimum. After a couple games it was deceided that is was rather expensive to shoot since it ate a 2500 round case in about 30 seconds ;)

btw, he worked for GE Weapon Systems (that made the vulcan gun) at the time so that's how he got a hold of the drive motor. Don't ask how you can get one.
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