painting my armor black


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Currently working on 2 sets of armor painting one white and one black , ive read all the tuts and weathering and painting , but still not sure how to get the detials to show when painting black . thought about silver in detail areas but then i think that wont look right . any ideas?


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You could always try painting the armor a dark Grey or a very dark silver, and then put in the details with black.

Or, you could try a glossy coat for the raised areas, and a dark, not shiny coat for the depressed areas, that would bring out details.

Pictures should be helpful.


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might try that still want to weather armor was gonna use silver for that . wanted to use adams painting technic ,wasnt sure if it would work for black


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im sure a solid black wouldn't look good due to past experience.

try a dark Grey or like what Tipper said.

Adam's weathering technic should work o_O
well i was considering painting my Helm steel colored but was worried about details as well since i did Flying Squirells Pep Helm. But i did come accrost one good Spray paint that i have found in the automotive section of Fred Meyers and Wal-Mart that is usedto paint rims and it's a dark Steel with sparkle type stuff in it (like Automotive Paint) and it would work perfect for showing details still and would give you that perfect color to match Halo 2 or 3's "Steel" color. I hope this helped.