Painting my Westerfield Armor

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Well so i decided to start a test phase of the painting of my new armor for the Halo Fan FIlm.

First Id like to say that Westerfield armor is nice. Not great, not 100%, its nice.

Supplies :

Kit Piece :

I assembled it with pictures. went together all right but doesnt match up completely perfect, thats the major flaw in the westerfield armor.

Sanded it with the sanding sponge. Did just a light sanding for the primer.

I then sprayed it back and forth lightly not covering it completely i left it so you could see through to the back in parts.

Then did the same technique with the gold.

I like that look alot it reminds me alot of the Halo 3 commercial. There isnt much green in the commercial. But i went and painted it green as well. Using the same technique.



So that is phase one.

Please comment and help us make this a nice film armor. This is a fan film so being fans as you are we want your input and help. Thanks guys and gals.

Really nice.

Wainting to see more!

And I think the weathering will add the magic touch ^^

For when your Halo Fan Film?
Not sure what the sponge technique is.

My next plan is to ad some sandy light brown color, then dust it with gold and see how that looks.
SO here is what i was talking about and frankly im liking the look. What do yall think.


This is the beginning of the chrome undercoat version.

Maybe a little too bright green. Frankly I was really liking the sanded and light gold image you posted, all uneven looking. If I were you I would have just very very lightly dusted that one with a little green.

Also I think that hunters green might be a little too bright and candy colored. Maybe you can find something a little more army green?

Just making suggestions...
Yeah i totally agree. with the green color. Link said i should go with Army Green im heading out to get it and play some more.
I'd be careful about deciding the H3 armor color from the trailer vid, or TV ad.

The trailer vid had some SEVERE atmospherics going on, bright lighting in a desert environment will really change the look of the color.

The TV ad had a bluish overcast to it, and the white sand environment seemed to do the same.

I guess what I'm saying is maybe you should postpone deciding the color until more publicity stills come in... like maybe once we get to see Campaign mode, and see the chief in a different environment, in different lighting conditions, you could make a more educated decision.
I love the stripes and things that are in multiplayer, my suit will most certainly have stripes. Not too dissimilar from the clone troopers.
Ive noticed al the strips say ----VI----- but im wondering if that changes, could it be the new ranking system? Show people your rank as they approch you?
Sean thats a good idea but i need to experiment so we can get this painted for the movie. We cant postpone the production anymore than we have already.

ANd i understand about the environmetal aspects affecting the color schemes. Besides if its as shiny as the other armors it probably is reflecting off alot. But i still like that color, that worn down faded armor green color.
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