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My helmet is not done yet, but I am now ready for a long weekend to finish one. I wanted to open a noob topic about painting - color schemes, brands and colors, and some helpful tips for creating different kinds of effects.

I had been looking at a lot of Spartan suits and they looked battle-worn, but the best seem to have that metallic look to them. I figured you could put a few layers of a metallic silver down underneath the color that you choose for your armor color. Then when you scratch it up with sandpaper, the silver will show through as long as you dont sand too much.
I remember reading a method (can't remember who by) of doing the metallic layers like you said, then applying salt to the areas you want to be battle worn. Paint over that, then scratch away the salt for a rough and somewhat textured metallic show-through.
don't forget about dry brushing metallic paint onto edges and Adam's black paint and sock technique to darken recesses.
None shall know frost's secret paint technique which he did not steal from adam.

Watch the paint tutorial, look at refrence photos too, they help you know where damage goes.
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