Painting Technique - Version 2


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Wow! Geezz Adam, that paintjob makes it look just like the CG commercial!

I can't wait for the vid!

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Very nice looking Adam. Is this your current chest plate as seen in your avatar and is being repainted ? Or is this a new piece being painted for the first time.


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Dear god...

Or Adam if you prefer...

I SO have to paint my NAS armor like that. Thank GOD I did warhammer and know how to do it (in small) xD.

If my compliments have any worth to you, or had any money value I would (gladly) make you the richest man on earth! You deserve every credit and pieco of awe for that paint job!

Keep up your devine work! :lindsey:


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darkesword2020 said:
Adam said:
I just finished a tutorial about a new painting technique. Uploading now in video form, stay tuned.

OMG, is that my armor?? :mrgreen:
Actually it is. I'm still at work, so I'll show you guys the video once I get home again.
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Lucky Fitz :evil: ...

Looking forward to seeing it Adam!

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Sean Bradley

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This tutorial will be very helpful when I try to match Darkes helmet to your suit.. Can't wait.... you ARE the paint master!!!