Paper and Duct Tape Helmet

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This is my rough draft atempt.

Basically I took my old paintball face mask, I took goggles out and trimmed some parts (needs more trimming). Next I used paper folded it up and used duct tape to secure it. I just started but I plan on doing that for the whole helmet then covering all the paper with ruber glue so it stays permanent. After that I will use matboard or something and place it over everything to flaten the ducttaped surfaces along with a filler.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
good start. And believe me, there will be lots of trial and error when making your first helmet. You might want to concider using clay for the smoothing, or just doing the whole thing in posterboard/matboard.

Keep working, and you won't believe how much you'll learn by doing. I know I'm learning by doing.
Hope it turns out good. I wanna make something, but i've been two lazy lately. I'm thinking about going by a craftstore this weekened, and buying some clay, ect. then get started on my Hunter costume. I think im getting too excited over it. Its all i've been talking about over the past couple days, and It may not even work, but I know my halloween will rock if it does and I make another costume for one of my friends so we can pair up!
My friend gave me a great idea today, Chicken Wire (wire mesh)

So im gonna convert to that since its easy to bend and cut.(also it doesn't change shape much from when u first bent it)

I will build up a basic shape with the mesh then decide what to do next.
FAII3N ANG3I said:
I have seen better

we all probably have, but it's not nice to criticize. especially if you don't have any armor at all. :$ops!:

EDIT: plus, you're probably comparing $3,500 armor that took months to $40 armor that took 2 weeks. Apples and oranges mate.
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