Paper Machee on carboard and fibreglass


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So I scrapped my MC suit for the time being and to get some bondo/fibreglass skills I decided to make a 1980's cartoon shredder costume (from teenage mutant ninja turtles). the only problem is that I don't know how to go about making a cardboard costume. I presume you can fibreglass it and bondo it since it is also paper, just a stronger kind.

the real question is do you paper machee it first? or do you not paper machee at all? Also will tacky glue melt when I fibreglass? Because I am using tacky glue to glue the spikes onto the arms/legs/hands that shredder has.

Also if you do use paper machee you can use elmers for it right? because I would think it would melt since fibreglass gets hot (or so I hear).

As always thanks for your time everyone.

Just real quick, I mean fibreglass resin, not the mesh stuff.
i advise dont use tacky glue or and glue get hot glue im pretty shure it will stand up to the rsining process but hot glue is the best for cardboard cause it dries in like 30 seconds so then you dont have to hold it for liek 10 mins for it to get a small stick so use hot glue

good luck!


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I use super-glue, its cheap and it works well. Paper maché looks like paper maché, that's either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your opinion


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well i know it wont look good straight up paper machee, thats why i'm wondering if I can use resin and bondo it after it has been machee'd. Hopefully out of all the cardboard stuff on here somebody knows if thats possible.

If not then can I just resin then bondo the cardboard itself.


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I guess the best chance I got in a definative answer is doing it. I'll tell you what happens whenever it is I can afford resin (school pays later in life unfortunately for me at the moment)