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Hi me again *sigh* (pretty shure you all had it up to your necks with me)....right straight to the point after you have made your parts how do you get them to fit? i just made a belt but i had to make an extention for my Abs *cough* beer belly *cough* Who said that!?!?!...... so i made this belt and added the extention but when i wear it it keeps how can you guy get the parts to stay where they are? are there other methods aside from velcro? i dont really feel like gluing the armour to my leg so?..... :roll:
I was thinking of attaching my armor belt to an actual belt. But I'll also probably be using a lot of velcro as well.
I use alot of 1" black web straps... like the ones on your backpack... to keep things where they need to be. Also some buckles, in addition to the velcro.

You need to go to the fabric store, they are all about this stuff.
Dude, thats funny this came up i was about to pm you to see where you got yours.

Nevermind fabricstore it is.

i pick up a decent sized roll of it at a local hobby lobby. and they have additional buckles/straps in that same section so its like a 1 stop shop.
It's true that Hobby Lobby has all the strapping and buckles that you'd want, but I've found that generally JoAnn Fabrics has slightly better prices. Plus if the JoAnn's near you is anything like mine, there will be lots of cute girls working there.
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