Paul Veerhoeven (Starship Troopers) would be a good director

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Sean Bradley

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I just recently watched Starship Troopers and RoboCop again, and I started wondering if they have ever considered Paul Veerhoeven, the director, as a candidate for the Halo movie. He seems to be a master of creating a very realistic dystopian vision of the future for films.

He can be kind of corny, but never in a bad way...just kind of funny. "I'd buy that for a dollar!"-Robocop. "The bugs sucked his brain out!" -Starship Troopers.

Also wondered if anybody else noticed similarities between Halo and Starship Troopers...not in the specifics but more in the scope and general themes presented in both.

Besides I just love that scene where Radchek pokes Denise Richards on the shoulder with his stump in the classroom. HA! :hyper:
Well the similarities are there because, at it's core Halo is another guys-in-armour-fighting-merciless-aliens story like Starship Troopers, Forever War, Armour etc.

Without wanting to sound too flippant, I'll be honest I'd sooner there was never a Halo film, Halo 3 was dropped and bungie folded and bulldozed into the ground than ever let Verhoffen near doing a misadaptation.

It'd be like the Judge Dredd film, you'd see the chief's face in the first 5 minutes, and it would be a toss up wether he would get off with Cortana of Keyes (actually it would probably be all three at once....brrr.)

Robocop, though the first two are fun bits of cyberpunk, are pretty clear Judge Dredd knock offs at their kernal. The more I watch ST, the more it makes me wince when I think about it as a fan of the book.

I still hold hope that Sci-Fi will eventually do the Forever War miniseries at some point.
While I enjoyed star ship troopers, and robocop rocks, I for one, think that is exactly what NOT to do with the halo movie. Just my opinion. Star Ship troopers is too corny for me.
Yeah, I guess after thinking about it there is an element of satire in all of Veerhoeven's movies that just wouldn't work for the Halo Universe.

I don't think any amount of speculating would help anyway....It sounds like 'indeffinately postponed" and "will make the movie, regardless" are to mean that they just aren't sure what to do with the property. I'm suspecting that they won't end up doing the movie until LONG after Halo 3 releases and all us fans quiet down a bit. Then maybe they'll produce something...

But I agree with you guys, I personally would rather never see a Halo movie, than to see a BAD Halo movie. But then again, it isn't up to me....
Yeah, I kinda regret bringing it up now.... :shock:

I really like the Starship Troopers movie, but I guess like any, the book
was better. I never read it so I suppose I was less dissapointed that most.
I make sure to keep books and movies separated in my mind. That way I never set myself up for disappointment because a scene was left out or a description of a character is wrong.
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