PDO to OBJ file help!


Hello all,

Having some trouble converting from pepakura. I am trying to convert my halo 3 mark 5 helmet file from PDO to OBJ. It works as i can open the OBJ file in NETTFAB, but it comes out with the inside of the helmet with where your head is supposed to be filled in totally, leaving zero space to insert your head - if you understand what i mean. In pepakura i can see the opening for the inside of the head. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions? It seems to fill the inside of the head totally when converting from pepakura to nettfab. Thank you,


PS- I have keys for pepakura full version for people if you need it, for free.


You can open the OBJ in Blender. Then, you can delete the face(s) that cover the opening. After that, you have to add thickness to the model, otherwise the slicer would have to make the printer print an infinitly thin part. You can do that by adding the solidify modifier to the part (object). When you have done that, you can export the model and print it.