Pelican Models

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Has anyone done one? I think I might. It sounds like fun, action figure size maybe so the Chief could jump out and pwn.
I probally will...and no need to buy, if you need to use it, I could send it to you and as long as it came back eventually I wouldn't care, possibly same deal as Eternal? ;-)
Requesting Pelican ref shots!
I was looking around using Google for some Pelican Dropship pics and found the following;



If someone were to be really daring they could rig a scaled warthog with some magnets so it could be attached to the Pelican as shown in the lower picture.

Hope these are helpful :mrgreen:
Oh I also found this, which may help if you wish to go into additional detail when making the Pelican;


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It's my job! Lol, jk. But, if anyone knows how to convert into action figure dimensions sizes that would be cool...perhaps 1:26?
well lemme check up on my own action figures...

i believe the 3 inch action figs arre 1/18th scale- i checked to make sure here, and thats right
I'll be making a papercraft sometime after I get back. 1/60 scale.

here's the .3ds;67306

:mrgreen: edit: correct scale for fig is *drumroll please"

Spartan 7'2'' and fig is 8''

real= 86'' fig. 8'' so scale is app. 1/10

which means your scaled model would be 2m wide, 3m long and 1m high

could put the correct assembled height into pepakura and it would scale it for you but that would be one big ship, I'd suggest going with the mini-figs
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy ****! That model is NOT pepakura savy!!! It has parts the size of an ant, and the jet streams are written in as well!
Sorry I didn't giftwrap it ;-) , it's only the peli pulled straight from H1

It needs some work (i.e. ripping it apart into individual sections, lower res rendering etc.) before it should be attempted by anyone.

I'll start that for myself later but it'll be awhile with the other projects I have going. I'll help out anyone who wants to work on it together though.
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