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I have never worked with electronics, and basically, I want to know if it's possible, with my lack of knowledge and skill, if I can take this


And replace the LED's with blacklights.

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What is a backlight? You can open those push button things by twisting in the right direction, let me guess this is related to ironman yes?

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They do sell blacklight leds you could solder in place of the exisiting ones. Check ebay. Just make sure theyre of comprable size.


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only if you get bigger lights if there the same you shouldn't.

oh by the way, in the words of the captain ramrod. "i gain victory at the loss of my strength, my freedom has been taken as my chains are placed, my passion for my people will be the end of me, but i shall fall upon my emeny like an endless wave until the end."


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Just get a LED flashlight with blue LEDs. The right blue LEDs emit the ultraviolet wavelength that makes blacklight reactive colors pop.

If you want to use those exact lights, swap in some blue leds instead of white.
Okay, thanks. I know you're all fancyfance with all of these doodads.

Just a question, will the blue LED's be powerful enough to evenly light...say...a glass bottle filled with tonic water?


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Depends how dark the room is. Try one and if you need more light, add more LEDs.

Clear LEDs have a unique lighting effect because each one has a focusing lens, making the LED directional and brighter, but also makes the lighting uneven. Diffused LEDs have a much more even glow, sacrificing brightness.

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