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I was thinking about making a pepakura BR55 airsoft gun... some people think its impossible. I was thinking about covering another airsoft gun, such as a FAMAS with the handle cut off, with the pepakura BR shell. The only problems i would have would be filling the space inbetween, and fixing the clip and trigger to go through the pep shell and still look accurate. i have never attempted anything like this before, so please, post your ideas.
Not any good ideas from me, but to fill in between the gun and shell you could use expanding foam (A.K.A. Great stuff)
It's possible. I would say, cut the pep part in half, fiberglass/resin both sides, then do the shell work. I have a Marui FAMAS, and when i layed my BR pep next to it, it almost fit perfectly
alright, first im gonna need to get a GOOD BR pep file.. all i've found is stuff that didn't look accurate enough for me :cautious: i know not to expect too much from pepakura but the stuff i've seen is crappy...
You can always detail it afterwards with bondo, cardboard, etc., the more time you spend on it the better it will look.
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