pep and premolds


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So here I am working on my odst helmet. Listening/watching a Tested, (Adam Savage of you are reading this I want your life) this video if you are curious.

Those of you skilled in Pepakura... Can you use a resined fiberglassed* (*I think that answered my question) as a mold? Or would it just collapse?

I have made the odst shin pieces and when I was taking one off it was a bit of a tight fit.. So I fogure if i were to turn the armour into a mold it would solve some of my size issues... I know the difference between the pepped armour and the molded armour would be minuscule but that small difference would help in this case. I'm just worried I'll break my current armour and might as well make a new, bigger piece. Obviously I'd make it a plastic nor silicone but yeah. Just wondering if any knows if this is viable! (?)

Thom A293

Yeah you can make a mold out of pep armour, you could even do an Eva mold. If you worried about it breaking, reinforce the inside a bit more with resin and then you can make the mold.


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I've also done a clay mold before. It worked pretty well, but for large pieces, I have no clue.

So what I'm assuming you mean by "Pepakura Mold" you mean hardening the outside and filling the inside with Resin, correct? If so, be sure to glue the Pepakura tabs on the outside to assure the inside is as perfect as possible. So yeah, somebody on here did it before, but he filled the mold with clay and sculpted the armor part. It looked really good when he was done with it, but he molded the clay sculpt as well. the end result was absolutely amazing.