Pep done, waterproofing next?


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Hey all. Working my first build and im sure this question has been beaten to death but here goes.
I have finished cutting and gluing the Pep paper mold, and the guide ive been on says next is waterproofing the cardstock.
What do I use to do this? I have Aqua resin kits on hand, is that in one of those packages or do i need to buy something else?


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I am not familiar with any aqua resin, but I use Bondo Fiberglass resin. It's a two part that you can paint on thin and build up with.

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this is the stuff that you will need to buy, it comes in two parts, the resin, and the liquid harder which you will follow the directions and mix it together in the correct ratio. Make sure to use small batches because it hardens up in 5-10ish min and if you mix up too much you will, of course, waste alot. But before you go out and buy anything, someone might be familiar with aqua resins and they may be able to help you. But I've never had a problem with the Bondo Fiberglass resin and I plan to continue to use it in the future.


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