pep helmet question


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I'm about to start resining my helmet, but a thought struck me. Would it be better to leave the paper visor on while resining and keep the inside and outside separated, or cut it out first to save the trouble of trying to cut through paper with some stray resin on it? What's your opinions?

Walter Spase

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You should put at least one coat of resin on the visor before moving on to fiberglassing the inside, it is a much needed support, unless you are using FlyingSquirrel's pep, which has supports to build with the pep.

flying squirl

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also just incase youve done the standard h2 one, ive made a version of that with supports in it so you can print them out at the same scale and slot em in. its at the bottom of my first post in my thread.


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Dont end up like others, their helmeted smashed. Leave the visor on, everything you print out, MUST BE USED.