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ok so i read all the tuorials for printing out pep and got my hands on some Card stock. Before i began i wanted to print out a "test" so i would waste my card stock and it printed out like this ( sorry my scanner is acting funky)

I read FrizzleFry's helpful tutorial but it still doesnt help please HELP!
LastSpartan said:
Not sure If I understand, but what your saying is that the piece are too small?

Erf, explain :p

Thats exactly what im saying the pieces end up extremely small. And its stumped me o_O
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This is my scale. Dont use it. Calculate yours.


(Read the sticky)

To find yours, 2d pattern window > Scale Up/Down Developement by Specific Value

And I used JediFratz's helm. If you are using Slyfo or Squirl, it's NOT the same scale (Same Assembled Height tho.)
which sticky would that be ( sorry to bother you)

And is that the CRAZY ASS TOY that someone made as your background...Nice :p

Also how would i get to the screen which displays the scale
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But if you use Slyfo or Squirl, I dunno.

I think you have to scale JediFratz's MKVI then, copy the assembled height, then paste it in Slyfo or Squirl's MKVI

Have a look in their threads, maybe it's written.
Yeah, check the print and paper configurations. Post some screenshots so we know what you're looking at...
yea from the sounds of it you probably either have it set up for some very tiny paper, or have some really large margins set in the Print And Paper Configuration area.
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I've been really busy lately so i couldnt get a chance to come check out the replies but i go to print preview and it tells me my scale cant fit my paper and if i want to adjust i clicked no and it shows me this.

Set your paper to landscape and arrange the peices that way, ajust scale, using 26.5 I fit all peices easily on their pages, and if they still dont fit for you, cut them in half, use the join disjoin tool.
Right click piece, choose "join/disjoin" click on where on the piece you want to cut it, should be green, then click, and it makes a new part.
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