Pep troubles

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um on one of my sheets of paper, i accidentally put two cut outs onto of eachother, is there a way to only print out that one page again without redoing it all??


well when you press print a window should pop up in the bottom left corner there should be 3 bubbles 1 says all and 1 says pages click the bubble that says pages then press what page you want like 7-7.
my head wont fit in, its the right seize, which parts r safe to cut away so that it still looks good, but its wearable?
You might try trimming around the back a bit so your head will fit through the hole. I had to do the same, but I just trimmed a little bit on both sides untill I could get it in without tearing it.
Well, you could really just trim a little bit off the edge all the way around.
It doesn't really matter, as the lower edge is really just supposed to be kind of a rubber/padding material making it more comfortable.
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