Pepakura and modrock tuorial (the first i think =D)

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Ok so you've made your pepakura paper/cardstock peicce and you want it to be solid, lightweight and not expensive or dangerouse.
i recomend modroc. it is a plaster of paris and cloth based rock(?)

step 1
buy modroc from your local modeling or craft shop or at:

step 2
prepare you pepakura (pep) for application. set out a bowl of water and cut the modroc into strips. like a bandage or medical cast. dust you pep and make sue it is not dirty. clean with cloth.

step 3
take a strip of modroc and dunk completely in water wait for 2 second and pull out. hang it over the water to get rid of any extra water and after a few seconds place onto the pep. smooth(e?) it out with your finger and form to the shape of the peice.

step 4
i recomend doing the bottom and working up letting it dry for 24 hours at about the middle in as warm a room as possible. this can be speeded up with a hair dryer.

step 5
do the other half and leave to dry fo about 48 hours.

step 6
it will now be reasonably hard. i usually do 2-3 layers but 1 is enough as long as you arent going to batter it.

this is my favourite method for doing pep if you are on a $10 budget like me.
i hope this helps,
and here are some pics:
my helmet :
click for larger images
i have never tried plaster of paris with cloth. the cloth haas special holes on it. i think it has to be modroc but try and if it works than it might be an alternative to modroc.
i have not actually finished a peice. i will post when finished but i am busy tonight and going away for week tommorow so i might have to wait.

edit: i have a picture of my half done helmet. it is the first link in the pics setion
is it modroc? if not it may not be as strong. you may also have to do several layers.
hope this helps,
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