Can anyone help me find the links to the pepakura downloads for these parts?

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I am planning on being my costume spartan soldier from Halo: Reach. I need the links to the Pepakura template downloads for these parts The list below is what my armor consist of:
Helmet: MJOLNIR Mk. V (With that little thing on the side of the helmet)
Left Shoulder: Grenadier
Right Shoulder: Commando
Chest: Collar / Breacher [R] (that's the one with the robot arm)
Wrist: Tactical / Tacpad
Utility: UA / NxRA
Visor Color: Black or Gold
Knee Guards: Grenadier

Also, I'll need the extra parts of the armor that aren't customizable: Thighs, lower and upper arm, and shins. Thanks!!


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You are correct that if you registered an account after the site transfer in January, you can not access the old archive. However, all of the Reach files have been uploaded to "The Armory" here on the new site. The Armory is the new version of the file archive. If Morvanis is only looking for Reach files, there is no need to worry about the old site, everything they need is available here.