Pepakura armor how to make it fit

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if ever one trying to used this programe and is mad that it don't fit well
your in luck. 1 if you are trying to print the right bicep go to the 2dpattern window and from there you'll see scale up development up or down by 10% if you hit down by 10% it should if you better then if you have it normal. try it a couple of time to see if it fits. i tryed it and for me its about 20 to 30% that means down scale not up scale then go and print i hope this helps a lot of card stock was used so don't make the same mistake i did later :Steve:


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It also gives you the finished assembled sizes at the bottom right of the window. You can use that as an alternate reference to scale it for your body.

Another reason why I didn't just put out the templates as one size fits all. because they don't..:)
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