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I am going to be making a pepakura armor and I am wanting to know what the budget would be. My current budget is $200 dollars and no more. I will not be doing the dual-visor method due to the price tag of this method. My question is will $200 will be enough for a good quality halo armor?

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P.S. If anyone could, could they tell me the price range I will be looking at?
A full suit or just a helm? You could do a full no frills suit with no bondo for that much. And the helm would have to skimp on LED's and fans.
You have enough.

250 sheets : 15$
Fiberglass : 25$
Bondo : 22$
4 LEDs 10mm : 7$

Where I live, this is the price.

Visor : 30$
Dual : 60$
Dremel : 45$

I think everything is listed...
Thank you, I have enough. :D I already own a dremel (my father does) so even with the dual-layer it will be on the cheap side of $129. :D
Don't forget batteryies, wiring, solder, battery mounts, helmet padding, duct tape, paint, sandpaper, gloves, ect. Theres alot more than just the materials that it's made of.
my armor is duct-tape-less, a first for me haha

foam matress pad $12 at target = all padding everywhere

velcro 2x industrial packets at about $6 each

webbing fabric stores, i got mine for $1.50 a yard, i used about 6 yards.

hot glue $5 for 300 sticks? i used a lot.
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