Pepakura Designer 2 Licenses :D :D

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I really dont think you should post serials for software on this site. Id ask someone to delete this thread.


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get ready to be sued!

Posting serials in this forum is illegal, save it for your own pirating hunts like I do, except I bought pepakura with my own money.


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Unless you change it you probably going to be sued for lots of money.And probably Perm banned from the site.


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AoBfrost said:
Is he banned? or was the post just edited? i cant really tell.

Looks like a ban, since ASC has the first two posts...

EDIT: Now that I think of it, that doesn't make since... Anyway, it's probably still a ban. Doesn't make since to write that if it wasn't!
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s meisters

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So what the heck just happened? Please don't ban me cuz' I had no clue about any of this, I posted a keygen for pep on my "POST QUESTIONS HERE" thread. Is that what got him banned?
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