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I created a master file of all the Pepakura files I found which include Halo 1 - 3 Characters, Weapons

EDIT: All files are PDO which means Pepakura and all files belong to there rightful owners Bungie Studios/Microsoft or Fan created I take no credit expect converting all the files to pdos and making things easier
here's a pdo of the ma5c resized to 88cm (no need to resize, 88cm is the measurment given on the Wiki)
I tried to split pieces up so that each piece would not span multiple pages, unfortunately, there are a couple pieces that would not cooperate.

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet (printers on the fritz)

After dealing with this, I wish I'd started with a pistol, the rifle took a day or so to do.
Oh, I don't think it has enough support to replace the barrels with PVC, build up a card stock one first. There are also a couple pieces that appear to form a torus or donut, this is likely a result of how it was modeled.

Warning about working with the raw 3ds data: the models include objects which indicate where it is held, glow effects, and some other reasons. These can be hidden, but pepakura still calculates them in the size of the finished model; and pepakura does not allow deleting of these object, so I guess I'll be loading 3ds & moding them to work better. I'm not just going to delete the objects, I'll also be checking them for issues and trying to resolve the problems without changing the end geometry.

OK, my file host is down (well, my profile). I'll see about getting a better one and I'll move my files there.

My Halo PDOs
Would someone check the link and PM me & let know if it works or not (once I get a good PM I'll edit... again)
A = Addition, C= Change, I=Info (nice to know stuff)

C > 9-3-07 - MA5C (altered the layout, the barrels and other parts that span pages have been placed on the last pages; I still have a few concerns about the geometry though)
I > 9-3-07 - Not an addition, but something that's nice to know: added a quick reference chart for sizing armor on the stickied Official pepakura scaling thread , post number 73 on page 4
A > 9-4-07 - SpottingScope (added the Spotting Scope, ready to print, legs have been saved for last pages; Ideas for the lenses in pdo; good fit for letter)
A > 9-4-07 - News Drone is done, all 39 pages (watch for some of the parts, there's two large discs that just float there, I need to get my printer fixed or replaced so I can figure out what to do about it; on the plus side, nothing crosses between pages)
A > 9-4-07 - Chaingun: fits onto 18 sheets... of posterboard, 1st 6 have the armor, last two have the barrels, the barrels have a taper to them barrels span two pages & armor spans 4 apiece (shared two pages), rest of chain gun are on pages 7 to 16
I > 9-9-07 - 3ds loaded, extranious objects removed from 3ds files (files listed below)
A > 9-9-07 - Following 3ds files uploaded: Sniper Rifle, Flag, Flamethrower, Frag Grenade, Fuel Rod, Fuel Rod Projectile, Needler, Pistol, Plasma Grenade, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Rocket Launcher Projectile, Shotgun, Assualt Rifle. Next step is to convert these to pdos
I > 9-10-07 - Added a folder to organize, "01 Cleaned 3DSs" These are the above files
A > 9-10-07 - Altered the flag & saved as a new file "flag ornament 01.3ds", the staff was shortened to emulate an ornament connection.

I > 9-12-07 - Well, potentialy bad news; I'm going to be gone for a while, possibly a long while. I'll try to get some more files up before I go and I'll continue to work on them & if I can find a good connection, I'll be able to upload more

I > 11-2-07 - Been a while, I have a month or so to get my file sharing worked out (I'll try to get it done next week, yes I'm having issues again), And I plan on really detailing the 3d files, I now have a copy of TurboCAD and am looking for a statuette for reference. I probably won't be able to buid a suit for a year, but when I do it should be sweet.

I > 11-22-07 - Still looking for a free site that I can host on without problems. Most require that you log in once a month, that's what happened with the last one.

need to reload 3ds so I can alter geometry & fix any glitches or problem areas - 3ds loaded, time to play
Need to either print MA5C or check it out in 3ds (or both)
Creating a version of the MA5C for printing on 18x24 (kinko's can do this, priced it around $6US +tax per sheet, treat as A2 if you do your own)
Need to add geometry to the pistol to improve it's realism
While I'm doing this, I need to think of an original image for my profile - well it's not something I made but it's different
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Sigma-LS said:
I'll be the first to agree that it could use some major work. I've got other stuff going on now but if anyone wants a crack at it, they're more than welcome.
These are older files before I got a registered pepakura, so they are .mqo

All you need is metasequoia to edit them.

Just bought I license myself for pepakura, though it doesn't seem to be able to delete faces. I have to do that in another program


Crap is this program tedious and complicated.

To speed things up I'll post my detached and separated Mark 5 model is other people want to work on it instead. I haven't quite figured out scale yet.


Here are all the .3ds

For some reason the texture isn't displaying on them but the UV coords are still there. I haven't unwrapped any for pepakura, as these are 3do files and have to be imported. It will take awhile to properly set out the folds so I'm just giving this whole thing out. If I get some done myself I'll upload the pdo files too.
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as requested by many (including myself) here are 3ds files of the Halo: CE (halo 1) Armored Marine files.

I did not extract these 3d files from the game!
I downloaded the from

I used wings to cut out each piece of armor from the Armored_Marine.3DS

please understand that the halo 1 marine model was designed for economy and does not have the same level of detail as the spartan model.

much of the detail of the armor is contained in the skin and should be studied closely to achieve a recognizable armor set.

also a realize that many of these pieces are flexible in game. they bend and distort to allow the marine character to move.

hope this helps some with there projects


for anyone who can't access pepakura (like if you have a mac), here are PDFs of two sizes that i scaled for halloween costumes. one is for a boy who is 62 inches tall (they are the "abe" files) and one is for someone who is 71" tall (labeled "sam") these were a bit of pain to put together so i so that someone else can get use out of them.

also, one tip i figured out. when making the folks, i used an old (dull) exacto blade. it cut through about half of the cardstock without cutting through the entire paper and made the folding a million times easier. it was like they were perforated.

anyhow, good luck everyone with your costumes.
SOLIP5IL said:
I tried downloading but this comes out
"Download Error
There was an error processing your request; it appears to be invalid or there was an error with your conection. Please wait while your request is retried...

If you need further help with a download, please contact FileFront support. "
Whats wrong?my email is can someone pleaseeeee send me this file??
hmmmm, I don't know what's going on, it downloads just perfect for me :/
I'll upload it to Rapidshare.

Try this website
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