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Ok, my friend here is a little, how should i say it, "drawn" towards Runescape. After i showed him what i was doing with pep, he got all excited and shouted "OHHH make me a dragon med helm!!!" So, i told him that i wouldn't be able to make one, but i could post something and request it. So, here i am, asking someone with some time on their hands to make a pep file for it. Here is what it looks like:

It's not a very good pic, but it is symmetrical and the horns he tells me are supposed to be the same length. It isn't complicated, and it would probably be easier to make the horns separate files and just glue them on later. Thank you so much to anyone who at least attempts it. It would make my friend so happy :lol:

Oh and just a question, I have heard many people saying how they didn't want to fiberglass because of the cold. Is that just because they don't want to be freezing while they fiberglass? Or is there a problem with resin in the cold?
If i were you i wouldnt use pep. id probably take a ice cream pale and cut out the front, if it doesnt fit then cut it until it does, then use paper to make horns, Its alot less work to do that then to make a pep file, then cut it, then glue it, then resin it, then put fiberglass, then paint it. Id say give it a try and if you dont like it just try something else that might work.
People dont want to resin/fiberglass in the cold because the resin doesnt cure when cold. It cures off the heat it creates, and if it does create its heat, it doesnt cure leaving it all sticky and such. - Ice
Thanks, homsar, for the file, and thanks, ice, for the info. Will fiberglassing in the cold still be ok if i hold a hairdryer over it for a while?
Maybe for a few hours. If you have a garage do it in there and try to heat it as much as possible. (electric heater, hobo fire in a can, etc...) In addition to not curing as well you will freeze your a** off out there. I HATE DOING THIS IN WINTER! you will say as you curse you pep. creatation. Solution, wear a coat.
lol. I don't have a garage, but i do have a huge shed. I guess if i shut the door and get a few electric heaters in there, i could get it pretty warm in there. That would be cool :lol:
The model that homsar made is very game-accurate, but as the games graphics aren't that good, perhaps a higher-detailed one with a bit of artistic license would be ok? (not to say that one's bad, just not particularly high-detail.)
Well if you feel that you could do better, be my guest. I'm not trying to start a war between members on who can make the best helmet, but anyone who would like to give it a go is more than welcome to. I myself suck with sketchup so i wouldn't be able to do anything good.
Ok, just to keep this on topic, if anyone could seriously make a nice pep file for that helmet i would be forever greatful. And i am sure my friend would be too.
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