Pepakura Pepakura for Mac = Parallels?


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Hi everyone,

Recently I made the horrible mistake upgrading my computer to the latest iOS that no longer runs 32bit programs. I've heard that the makers have little to no desire to keep it going in 64bit which is sad news. So it looks like WineSkin has tragically hit its end of life on Mac for me. Which leaves me in quite a pickle as I'm about half way finished unpacking, exploding and creating .pdo files from MoeSizzlac's amazing Halo Infinite armor models.

I'm wondering if anyone has any alternatives. The best I've been able to come up with is Parallels ($100CAD) or BootCamp which makes me have to switch between Mac and PC which is a little inconvenient (but not the end of the world or anything). But I was wondering if anyone else has found any other products or workarounds. Ideas? Thoughts?

I'm fine to invest in Parallels, but I just didn't want to do so if there are better, cheaper, options available to let me keep making peps for these files.


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I used VirtualBox back when I only had a Mac, although not sure if it supports Big Sury as of yet. VMWare Fusion 12 is another option that has announced support for Big Sur. VMWare has a free version for personal use, but I haven't used it, and don't know what its limitation are vs buying. Purchasing is > $200CAD, so if you had to buy it Parallels is the more cost effective choice. That plus the free version of Windows 10 since you don't need personalization if you'll only use it for pepakura and/or armorsmith works just fine.


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I'ved used Parallels, though I haven't used many other programs to "emulate" Windows. It was a few years ago I used it, and while it was a bit finicky, it did get the job done. Hopefully it has improved since then.
Is anyone working on an alternative to WineSkin to support a 64bit nature?


The issue with wine and 64bit is that wine is not an emulator like the acronym says, it's just a translation layer that takes the windows syscalls and translates them to thr appropriate syscalls for the os it's running on. So you could run 64bit programs on 64bit wine, but there are some issues with it from what I've read. Another option would be Hangover by AndreRH on Github, but you'll have to build it first, and I'm not 100% sure if it'll work. A simpler option would be Qemu user space emulation as you don't need a full vm, but it should translate to 64bit so you can use 32bit wine. I'm not sure if pepakura is 64bit or not, but if it is, you should still be able to run it with wine. If none of these work, VMs are still an option like Fallen said. I'd recommend running linux and wine in one instead of windows as you won't need a licence and it should need less resources.