Pepakura Helmet Help...Quick question

Blood Envy

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I know, I know...This question has most likely been answered a thousand times already but the search engine for this site keeps sending me back to the new threads and it's not getting me to where I need to go, so...

I've finished glueing a "tester" ODST helmet together and put it on for the first time. It barely slides over my ears and head. I know that when it comes to resin, fiberglass and rondo it's going to become thicker around the neck and on the interior portions and it most likely won't fit.

On the next helmet, should I add one or two inches to my height when it comes to changing the scale?

I've already added four inches to my height when I changed the scale for this tester helmet.

Thanks for your time and advice.

Boba Fett

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what's bigger, your head or your neck? You'll have to modify the bottom seal, cut it out more. Now, if it's barely fitting over your head (height wise) then yeah, definately needs 2-3 inches more.