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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Lasrig, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. Lasrig

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    Whenever I downloaded pepakura designer I noticed that it had a plugin for the silhouette cameo, the idea of not having to cut every single piece of paper made me really happy until I saw the cost of the machine! Thinking that I might actually have one, I looked around, luckily I found a cricut. The bad thing is I have no idea if its compatible because the cricut you have to load in chips with the fonts and stuff. Does anyone know how to mod a cricut, or if it can be done?
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  2. Jalean4

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    My sister has a Cricut, and from the little bit of interaction I've shared with it, I would guess that the level of modification would be pretty extreme. The machine operates based on its programming - to read whatever "chip" is inserted into it. As far as I have seen, you can't connect her Cricut to a computer, it operates solely based on the chips.. So you would have to either modify a chip to tell it to cut .pdo files, or to completely overhaul the machine's software... Personally, I wouldn't pursue that too heavily as a feasible option.
  3. Lt Shiny Sides

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    My stepmother in law has one of these things.. let me know if you do pursue it, that would make cutting the peps a breeze! Maybe try .pdf instead of .pdo?
  4. sandy1973

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    Pepakura only work with cameo not Cricut.
  5. Lasrig

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    I just did some looking and decided to sell it because I didn't want to go through all the trouble. Cricut sold!
  6. BubbaT954

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    I've been messing around with a friend's Cricut Explore Air 2 and Pepakura Designer. From my experience, the cricut doesn't work well with P.D. I've tried exporting both .dxf and .svg files out of P.D. and when I import them into Cricut's Design Space software (web-based), it changes the scale of the parts and reorganizes them on the sheet. I've tried every way possible to match everything back up, but it just doesn't work. May have to invest in a Cameo.
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    Ots a good thimg you tried to help a felllow 405ther out. Kudos to that ;)

    But this is a wee bit old thread. Last post was almost 2 years ago. Necro posting is generally frowned upon because it pushes newer threads down. Just a heads up :rolleyes:

    But helping others is always a great thing(y)
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