Pepakura help

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I'm making a pepakura mc helmet out of cardstock i was just wondering if i should paper mache it before i fiberglass it or should i just start painting the resin straight onto the cardstock?
You want to paint the resin on the outside of the helm first. Then glass the inside work in small sections. Then sand.
what i would do is get this super ahesive called mod podge and paint that all over the out side of your helmet.than fiberglass thats wat i did for my helmet and pluss mod pudge works well with cardstock. p.s. u can get mod podge at a craft or hobby store :hyper:
Just a warning, if you use paper mache be very careful not to saturate the cardstock because it will warp pretty badly. I ruined many a good piece that way.

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i would just fiberglass the inside and ouside plain... and paint....
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