Pepakura not printing.

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Shad0w Sniped

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Ok, so I have downloaded Pepakura Designer and have tried printing out my helmet, but it won't print.

I have a Lexmark 1200 printer and it has printed before in it's current state. All wires are connected and everything, but nothing gives.

Any suggestions?
try printing from another program... if everything prints fine... check to see what your print settings in Peparuka are, make sure the correct printer is selected.
I've always had printing problems with Pepakura.

I went this route


This basically adds a printer to your print menu that prints it to a .pdf file, which you can then pop open in Adobe and print with there. Printing works much nicer, and you can even specify the pages you want to print, unlike in the designer.
Make sure you have all the printer settings correct. Also, maybe the Cardstock is too thick for your printer and it can't feed in properly?
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