Pepakura question

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I dunno if this has been posted yet or not but... how do we make a .pdo from a 3ds file? I'd make my own pepakura files but i have no idea how.
You need a registered copy of Pepakura. Then you simply import your .3ds, unfold and Voila!

Good luck with your files.
Save a model as .3ds in 3dsmax, import it into pepakura, then save it after you unfold and scale it, you'll need the full edition of pep to save pdo's.
oh... i wasn't aware pepakura can unfold anything you put into it. i thought you had to tell it how to unfold. thanks.

now here's a more important question, how do we get the models to put into 3dsmax? can we just pop the xbox dvd into the computer? lol
Theres alot of work to get models from a xbox game, even harder than a PC game, not all formats will open with 3dsmax also.
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