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Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by nuhkschuitykaht, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. This topic is for requesting 3d models for pepakura.
    Please use these descriptions for your request.

    Item Name:
    Item Source:
    Reference Images:
    Additional Info:
    Existing File Link:

    Lately i have noticed that there have been a LOT of requests for pep files.
    I myself have requested one and many, many other people have requested files that already exist or have been requested in the past. The threads are for everything from various games to movie character.
    My idea for this thread is to make a place where everyone can make requests without starting a new thread and crowding the boards.
    The modelers and unfolders could look here to see ideas and requests and then make post the links for the people who were looking for the files could get them.
    This can also be a forum where people can find all the pep files they want because even though many are on the pep index some arent and more and more threads are started because of this.
    My idea is for this to be stickied then to have people post requests and files here.
    If this idea isnt accepted then a mod can remove it.
    To start i will post some links to files so people dont have to go searching. many files here daft punk helmets weta(halo 3) ODST files hd mk6 parts (flying squirl) star wars imperial guard file guy who has many pep files but they cost money (include star wars and others) crackheads files halo 2 odst halo 3 marine warthog
    dawn of war gun:;hl=dawn+of+war

    halo rocketlauncher:

    trip mine:;hl=tripmine

    clone trooper helmet:

    lego head:
    halo 3 marine pilot helmet
    gravity hammer

    Fenix chest piece fenix armor (gears of war) gears of war stuff;#entry111613 energy sword
    fuel rod canon half life 2 combine helmet hd half life 2 combine helmet

    more added links keep um coming

    All links as of 4:14 eastern time Sunday December 7 2008

    Full HD MK V
    Green Goblin Helm (movie style)
    Batman helm/suit (Dark Knight)
    Mass Effect Suit
    Civil War Spiderman
    Asguard suit (Stargate Atlantis-helmet at least)
    Brute armor
    RC armor
    Raiden helmet
    Battlefield 2142 armor (helmets at least)
    The Rocketeer
    Full ep3 Clone Trooper
    Dead Space level 6 armor
    Ironman Mark I
    MK VI HD thighs and shins (are available - some will find faults with them - add the extra detail yourself)
    Rucksack (from forge-H3)
    Space marine armor (from Dawn of War)
    Wraith Dart (Stargate Atlantis)
    Viper pilot helmet (new BSG)
    H3 chaingun
    Clone trooper rifle
    Russian dreadnought (Red Alert 3)
    HD Predator
    Grav gun/civil protection officer (Half Life 2)
    GDI Commando (helmet at least - C&C 3)
    Barrett 50 cal
    Hellboy Samaritan pistol
    EVA helmet (Event Horizon)
    Doctor Doom (FF:RotSS)
    M9 handgun
    Plasma rifle
    gatling laser
    Elite helmets (all varieties)
    Deep Eyes helmet (Final Fantasy)
    Predator gauntlets
    Scout chest
    Covi CCS cruiser
    Judge Gabranth (Final Fantasy 12)
    Elite honor guard staff
    Thompson submachine gun
    Ghost in the Shell weapons
    Togusa's revolver
    Covenant cruiser
    Millenium Falcon
    Aliens Power Loader
    HD M6C/G Magnum
    Mick mask (Vamyredh has started)
    Halo Wars Marine Armor
    Gray Fox/ Cyber Ninja mask from Metal gear solid

    Modelers can feel free to take on projects as they wish and it would be nice if the post their finished work here
    i will edit again once more requests are posted

    this is just the begining of the list. I cant spend too long looking through pages because i have school tomorrow but i will try to add more in the future. I dont have to be the only one who posts them either others can give me the links and ill edit them into this post.

  2. rvb18

    rvb18 Well-Known Member

    full hd mark V :D
  3. ninjaspartan

    ninjaspartan Member

  4. redragon74

    redragon74 Well-Known Member

  5. Yes i know about the pep index. The problem is that some want the files to be 405th only and the index only has halo files. Many requests are for non halo thing and you cant request things on it. The idea of this thread is to have a place where everyone can post their requests without having 50 different threads. It is also to help those find the files because even though there is a search feature it isnt perfect and finding files takes patience and time which many new members dont have. It is faster to just make a new thread for them.
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  6. Hey, u stole my idea! J/k, what I really wanted was some really cool halo 3 weapons, like the needler, brute spiker, mauler & energy sword. But I did think how cool a pep lightsaber would be. :)

    Oh yeah, & some cool stuff from metroid or sonic games! (i'm a dork)
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  7. redragon74

    redragon74 Well-Known Member

    ok i still "helped" because even though theres no 405th exclusives on there, theres still just about every single size tester and halo perm, model and weapon on there, and you didnt make it clear in your initial post what the thread was "for". and the wiki list is updated frequently with new files
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  8. Yeah he did. It says in the first post that it's for "everything from various game or movie character" pep files.
  9. Twitchfmx8811

    Twitchfmx8811 Well-Known Member

    Green Goblin helm (movie style), and the 2nd batman helm/suit from the Dark Knight. Might be looking to molds and using rubber for those. Just a pep base would be nice.
  10. andre

    andre Jr Member

    Gears of war Cog suits from all people, that would be awesome!
  11. lizander

    lizander Member

    Green Goblin!!!!!! lol, I have been looking for a while, so if anyone has one stashed on thier hd, LET ME KNOW!!! lol, please?

    Oops, looks like twitch beat me to it,
  12. bilsy28

    bilsy28 Member

    A Mass Effect Suit. Or a Civil War Spider Man Suit (Spider man; Mostly Helmet) That Would Be Awesome.
  13. bilsy28

    bilsy28 Member

    They have a Gears of War suits, But they don't have the helmets.

    The Helmets would be awesome though.
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  14. rundown

    rundown 405th Regiment Officer

  15. andre

    andre Jr Member

    they do can you link me? i am looking for Marcus Fenix's suit especially.
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  16. tlither

    tlither Well-Known Member

    The Asgard suit (helmet at least) from Stargate Atlantis (season 5).

    @in need - search for fenix breastplate (I believe)
  17. i am glad people are using this for the reason i made it. to reduce the number of threads being created and to help peolpe.
    rundown thanks for the links i edited them into the first post.
    that is also the idea of this thread. many files are spread out around the forums and are hard to find so keep the links coming.
  18. ILOLD

    ILOLD Jr Member

    Halo 3 Pilot
  19. tlither

    tlither Well-Known Member

  20. the helmet is now in the first post and the chest atachment is in the halo 3 marine pilot link.
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  21. ItsTRENT

    ItsTRENT New Member

    someone should make pepakura 360 faceplates
  22. im glad that people are posting links and requests because this thread is serving it purpose but i think more designers should come and look at it and say sure ill do this or that or no that wont work.
  23. Skyman

    Skyman Jr Member

    is this also for requesting people to design them?

    maybe some of the LOTR armor? seems like those would be fairly simple. good projects to start with.
    or maybe that is the point and pep is for more complicated pieces o_O
  24. Yes this is for requesting files although at this point none have been made or started to be made as far as i know.
  25. box o crayons

    box o crayons Well-Known Member

    the link for the lego helm isnt working the file is no longer active and a batman helm would be pretty cool
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