pepakura stargate files


I know I posted they before but I cant find the post. sorry.

this was unfolded by movieman.
3d model ripped and clean by nintendude nice works as always.
all thanks goes to them.

thanks again lads.

use pepakura view to print.
uploaded by me.





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I may need to see how I can reach Movieman is he a member of the forums here or someplace else that does costuming? And no I did'nt get your e-mail.

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Holy cow this is awesomesweetcool amazing!!!!! You are totally da bomb for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have edited the 1st post and reuploaded the links,
completed horus and Jaffa Staff Weapon both are now unfolded.

again all thanks goes to movieman and to nintendude for there work.

every one thats all the files I have at this time.

have Fun.

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Wow great work. All this time I failed to find a pep for a zat nikitel on the net and here it is under my nose. Here's me at Armageddon and Supanova 2011 in a stargate sg1 costume and no zat..... :(


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Thank you so much for supplying this files i have been looking high and low for it b/c i wanted to be a jaffa for halloween


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To all who contributed to the making of these files I applaud you all. I've began looking into these for a little awhile and can't believe they are this site that I am so often lol. I have two questions though: are the heads basically sized to be huge for all to fit? and does the anubis head have the rest of the neck anywhere or is it the same as the horus? Any information you can give me on this will be greatly appreciated thank you and keep up the excellent work.


I don't know if this has been asked but Is this a "one fits all" kinda thing or do you have to be measured to fit the componments?


I have just completed my Horus using those links and here it is
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I am totally going to have a go at a motorized zat gun when i've got my current build finished :p those models look really nice, i take it that its in 2 parts so you can fit a hinge? If not, no worries, i can do that myself :)