Pepakura To .pdf Conversion


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If any Mac users out there (or anyone who happens to want it) need a pep file converted to a .pdf, send me a pm. I will do it for you. All files will be arranged in the default scale of the file unless otherwise specified. I will either email the file to you or post a link to the .pdf in a pm, whichever you prefer. Please specify if you would like the tabs numbered or not. (I hate pepping the numbers, reminds me of math :( )Please note, I am not offering to unfold a file for you, but merely convert an existing unfolded .pdo to .pdf format.

Here's a sample of a converted file.


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what an awesome guy you are! Hey if you need any help PDF'ing let me know I can help you out. Just jet me a PM.



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Hi, are you still can help with pdo files for Mac users?
You can run the Pepakura applications on a Mac using WineSkin, which is free. There are a few threads on the forum here saying how to do this, plus Google. Instead of resurrecting a thread that's been dead for over 5 years, you could have simply typed "pepakura mac" into Google and viola - the top four results show just how to do it.