pepakura wepons

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First you should know weapons are generally alot harder, belive me i know from expierence i made a helmet from PEP (Not done yet) thought i was yes i cant belive im about to say it , All That and A Bag of Chips, but i screwed it up big time. So for starters just start with a ahlemet or a thigh somthing easy also i posted this before so here it is for you since no one will read stickies
Heres DF4l's he also has a new smooth PEP Here
Heres a few links to flying_squirl's Here
Also before you start into anything, i can tell you really havent read THAT much so here
Frizzlefry's tutorial is great and it helps alot with the basic begining Here
There is also a few other misc threads you show read before starting in my opinon
Sigma-LS's FAQ
Redsleighdown's scaling thread for sizing before wasting cardstock
Also most defienietly read this and actually do it it will make your folds and overall pieces come out alot better
It is a thread about making good folds by IceMan29
BAsically anything that is stickied is important and should be read
Good LUCK!

Read these gys tutorials they know what there talking about and what they're doing. Thats why almost all of these (if not all) are stickied.
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