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  1. xxxxM0NSTERxxxx


    Ok so while i was at Lowes getting paint for my room I stumbled upon this
    It feels perfect and can be sewn together, it can be heated then pressed with a hexagonal shape like everyone wants. Its liner for kitchen cabinets, so its water proof its also somewhat stretchy. I think if you want to put the time and effort it is worth it. I found it online too

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  2. SpartanJem013

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    Genius!!!!!! Going to do a build with it?
  3. shotgun rumble

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    how do you go about pressing the hexagonal shape into foam and what not??? i've been wondering this for a while, like what brad has on his suits

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  4. Carpathia


    I assume you're planning on using this for the undersuit. I've looked at this stuff as well. The real problem you'll run into is heat retention (much like a wetsuit; though vinyl isn't nearly as bad as something like neoprene). So, when you start designing the undersuit, designate strategic areas to be made with a breathable material so you don't bake in your undersuit.
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  5. xxxxM0NSTERxxxx


    Simple really you need a heat gun and the pattern you want then heat and press.

    Eventually but for now I have other things that need more attention.

    What i thought about that was I could maybe add a liquid cooling system that you just sew the liner on or add small tubing inside that is cooled by a fan in the back of the torso armor piece.
  6. Reaper07

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    If you're able to achieve a liquid cooling system, I'd love to see the progress on it. Sounds like a cool concept, however there are stand alone wearable cooling systems out there. Kind of ridiculously expensive, and only work short term while the ice water is still well.. cold. Try thinking into just a fan cooled sink system if you're dead set on it. They also make those, and you only have to worry about battery life rather than battery life and water temperature.
  7. rickrtickr


    I'm not sure if you have ever seen one of these before; it is a powered portable cooler. I'm not sure if this is what you were thinking but it would work perfectly for cooling. (if you can find just the cooling unit somewhere)


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  8. xxxxM0NSTERxxxx


    Well what I was thinking was having ice water and ice packs in the thrusters. I was thinking of having a pump that I squeeze with my hand when ever I feel a little too hot.

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  9. Mr Wilson

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    You would be better off just working some places in for mesh... if you do it right, the mesh will really add to the look of the suit and you will not need as much bulk for a 'cooling system'. :)
  10. axmaxwell


    For cooling... any electronics store should sell small fans that you could hook up to batteries in the suit
  11. Mr Wilson

    Mr Wilson New Member

    Lol, when I read this, I instantly thought it would be hilarious for him to put the 'powered by PC Power & Cooling' decal on his suit :p

  12. Jhym

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    You may want to check out Cool Shirt for wearing under the undersuit. It's almost Halo tech level...just missing the programmable gel layer. Not going to lie, it is expensive. But there are options for liquid and air cooling systems that are fairly compact and could be hidden within the armor.

    Or if a group could go in for a 2-, 4-, or 6-person station, it would make for an interesting group shop to see a bunch of Spartans hooked to a "power source."
  13. spartan 060

    spartan 060

    perhaps you could do one of two things #1 move to northern alaska or run hoses though the suit and pour/run water though them like legacy effects did with the newer robocop suit
  14. eric draven

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  15. MikyVengeance


  16. IndigoSkin

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    Has anyone tried first aid gel packs? You squeeze them and they get cold. They're pretty thin, just keep them over the center of your chest. That way you just regulate your core temperature, keeping you cool. Also on the side of your neck to cool return blood flow.
  17. Pappa Midnight

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    Looking great. I have two ideas for the undersuit (the Hexed pieces). they both involve a 3d model of those parst ( w/o hex pattern ). once they are modeled in 3d, separate the individual sections [ chest - upper back, stomache - lower back, upper arms / shoulders, lower arms / fore arms, cod, Thighs, calfs. etc. ( do this so that you can size each individual section in pepakura)
    flip the normals in the 3d modeling program OR wait and flip the faces in Pepakura.

    for a molded looking suit (foam, silicone, latex):
    - cut and Pep or 3d print inverted parts
    - put together the parts to creat your "inverted mold." of each separated body section.
    - spray the insides with heavy duty adhesive
    - line the "inverted mold" with loose mesh netting ( purchase at your local fabric store. I get mine from Jo-ann fabrics)
    - seal inverted molds with acrylic sealer spray {let is dry}
    - spread your medium (latex, silicon, foam) inside of the mold. be sure to get it into all the nooks of the netting ((let that cure))
    - " you get the rest"

    For a Fabric suit.
    - purchase aluminum Mesh [like the one you have pictured on first page], purchase the fabric, and Puffy / 3D fabric paint. i go to Jo-Ann fabric for both.
    - create fabric patterns, either in 3d program or using pepakura (there's a Tut out there make sure there is flange)
    - trace patterns onto the fabric ( but do not cut them yet)
    - flip the fabric over, place the aluminum mesh on top and roll / spray ( brushing takes forever)
    - remove the mesh and repeat until fabric is covered. (let the paint puff up and dry)
    - cut out the paterns, pieces together, and stitch

    the coolest thing about these methods. "they're DOWNLOADABLE"
    i have tested thes techniques on small models but never had a proper 3d model to build an entire suit. if any one can point me to a 3d model of the undersuit, i would love to make a tut about peicing this together. thanks
  18. KaulinD

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    I am actually using that stuff. I bought a patern for a game accurate undersuit at Gun Head Studios for 45$, and then I went to Zenatai Zone and had them custom print my undersuit with my specific measurements so it fits perfectly. And every once and a while I'll add some depth and detail to it by sewing materials like this to it. (While it is stretched out to fit my body of course) but it's great.
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