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Hello fellow troopers,

as most of the people may already have noticed, the convention activity (booth) the last years has increased. In order to make it for customers and visitors more easy, to identify/remember to whom they are talking to, the idea of "vanity cards" for the 405th European has arisen. It also helps the event managers to notice to which booth this person belongs to, and which one they have to contact in case of any trouble.
Long story short, with the help of our current RXO 247District and the approvement of our RCO TheCostumeGeek as well as Asgardianhammer , we came up with our FINAL design template that looks like this:


As you can see, there is some space for your personal information. In order to gather this Information properly, please write an Email to...

...containing following Information:

  • real name
  • 405th-forum user name
  • birth date
  • country you currently live in
  • skills concerning cosplay and armory as well as event organisation
  • the current halo-cosplays you have
  • life motto
  • a picture of you, preferably a portrait or a picture where the face is visible
  • address (in case of shipping the cards)
The information gathered from you will solely be for the purpose of constructing these information cards. It will not be forwarded to any other institution. For future purposes (e.g. when some vanity cards are lost) the information will be stored in a folder, where only [MEMBER]247district[/MEMBER] and me have access to. If you wish, the information can be deleted after the printing of the cards.

These cards come in pack of 4 with a plastic sleeve to carry them visibly on you. They are the same size as credit cards. For our regiment I personally will cover the production costs. In case of shipping them, I only want to get the shipping costs back.

If there are any questions or comments concerning this topic, feel free to ask here in the chat or contact me personally.
Till then, I wish the best "WARRRRTT-WORT-WORT" Sangheili-regards to everyone :D.

PS: RXO, RMO and RCO will get a little mark on the card to identify them more easily.
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