Phauxelate - Reach Mk. V Armor 3D Print

What filament should I use for my armor?

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It is time again to practice my skills of foam smithing! I have aquired more proper-er tools and devices for the craft!

I will be doing a Halo: Reach Mk. V armor build, and I will again be posting my progress here on this forum. Afterwords, I will edit this post with a checklist to keep track and update changes/improvements made to the armor. For now, here are a couple progress photos. Cheers!


(This is enough foam for two builds, the other one being a surprise later on)




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I dont know what to say, other than those pins would stab my hands every time I moved :lol:
Haha, yeah I pricked myself I think once. The pins are there to visualize what the armor will be like once glued.

That way, I can make any changes like something being too long, or not fitting right before I make it permanent. I'm making sure I do this build right, and do the best that I possibly can. Last time I was in a dorm room... :p


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All the armor is officially added scaled, and pepped, and with the addition of a new pep member... Knee pad!

There wasn't an unfolded pepakura file for the knee pad, so I've pepped it myself. I'll link it in the files for this post. Tonight I'm going to be testing the knee that I make, and I'll let you guys know how it goes!

Screenshot (5).png

Knee protection!
Screenshot (4).png



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So, before I start any bad habits, what do you pros recommend I not do that you're seeing so far? I want to get the best start possible so I can beat my brother, Random Ranger, again.

I have to be better at something, right?

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Use a metal ruler to guide your knife for straight edges.
Just from the pics it looks like you didn't. I see some slight wobbles...
I know the pins are for mock up but, be careful. You are putting holes in your foam. When you heat seal it may end up opening up them thar pinholes. For mock up's try painters tape.
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Use a metal ruler to guide your knife for straight edges.
Just from the pics it looks like you didn't. I some slight wobbles...
You'd be right. I had one on the table, I just forgot to use it

Now that you mentioned that, it is noticable. I'm going to re-cut the pieces I did yesterday using the ruler, because I want to do the best I possibly can this time :)

I'll start using it with the kneepad tonight

Thanks for the tip! Keep eem' coming!


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You could also cut it perfectly, yolo it and glue it then and there. If it doesnt work, make itagain, if your far in the process, cut it out, or make it again like excellur8 :lol:,


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Alright! I said I'd get the knee done, so here's... Part of it :)



The pep works, and fits. I just have to build the rest of it.

Also, I have figured out a way to get good clean cuts: it's called the 2 slice rule. With a metal ruler and an exacto knife, if your cut takes more than 2 light slices, you need to sharpen or replace your blades. This rule got me pieces like this:


Now that's a fine looking piece!

From printer to foam, this part took about 2 hours to do right... And there's yet another half to it. But if you want a quality product, you have to put quality time.

I said I'd be more active a little bit ago, and here I am! Being more active. :)
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If you heat up the foam wouldn’t the holes from the pins expand?
Yeah, that's what he said.

I've decided I'll finish making this knee piece now for verification that the unfold I did works right, but I'll probably restart it again afterwards.

The pin holes being there is one, and the second thing is that I notice on some of the pieces the cuts are a little bit off. That's because when I was slicing, I hold a knife (and pencil) 'wrong', and sometimes it makes the knife angle if I'm not conscious about it. I may be getting a laser cutter later on, which would completely remove the need for cutting paper, assembling it, then transferring it to foam. (Unless the piece is too big for the laser-cutting plate).

I took notice of the K40 Laser Cutter


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It's been a while, and I don't really have an excuse for why I've not been working on it. But, thanks to RandomRanger's rather.... Persuasive pestering, I'm going to be back at it. I've moved my workshop, got a few new cosplay toys, learned a few new tricks, I'm going to go back at it again. I've also re-scaled the armor by looking at the in-game models to get a better representation of what it should look like.


Annotation 2019-08-31 184001.png

Going to start cutting today, and I'll put some photos when I have progress!



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I'm sitting over here like "why would you hesitate to do what you've already done!?"

Sean Anwalt

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I've been wondering where you've been. Looking forward to your build, man. It's fun to watch these projects progress.